Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stubby Pencils, plus "How to get up, eat breakfast and get ready for work in 5 minutes!"

Have you heard of Stubby Pencil Studio?

I just got sent this adorable picture in my inbox of Kate the owner of Stubby Pencil Studio, and so I revisited her site :)

If you're in search of Ecojot's Art Paper Supplies online Stubby Pencil's the place to check out :) Not to mention the fact that there are all things ecoKid-friendly on the site!

I HEART sites that promote being green from an early age! Don't you? Kudos Kate!

Okay, so on a completely unrelated note, but something I've been wanting to post since my brother G shared on his Facebook wall... Check out this handy Japanese video of "How to get up, eat breakfast and get ready for work in 5 minutes!"

Seeing as I am frequently waking up late and running late, it does have some helpful tips! I only wish I spoke Japanese and knew what he was saying in his commentary :D

On a special note, I am blogging from Ecojot headquarters today and have finally gotten around to preparing all 7 Ecojot Flair Winner Envelopes... Winners, expect them in your mailbox soon!

Some of you have asked if Ecojot buttons will become available for purchase... For the time being no, just as giveaways from me and at events... However, if there's enough of a demand perhaps in the future ;D

Happy Hump Day Everyone!



Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

I love Stubby Pencil Studio! So many fun art things for kids all in one place!

D'angelo said...

I've tried making pens from newspaper this summer...but I don't have the money to buy refills or thick leads for pencils. :( I wonder if the kid feels different using green art supplies. :)

ecojotter said...

@Tina... Indeed :)
@D'Angelo... How do you make pens from newspaper? Do you have a how to do link? I'd love to feature it here!


D'angelo said...

Do you mean do I have a link to the website? I just made it up one summery afternoon. Like I said, they'd be greener if you could buy bulk pen refills and or bulk thick pencil leads. :) All I did was wet a strip of newspaper, placed it under a pen refill, and rolled the newspaper tightly over it. More newspaper gives more stability, but one strip goes a LONG way! :) I find that a little liquid glue with water painted over the newspaper is stronger, but I don't know if that's OK/easy to recycle...If you guys have better way, I'd love to know!


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