Monday, July 20, 2009

green energy, green bikes and green buses

Happy Monday Everyone ! Bon Lundi Tout Le Monde !

Yesterday, D'Angelo left me a comment asking how green hydroelectricity is... From what I know, it's renewable energy source which uses sand to generate electricity, usually falling over a dam. The electricity is generated from the movement of water and it is therefore a non-polluting energy source ("no direct waste.") Therefore, it's pretty green :)

That's the extent of my knowledge on that area, but speaking of energy, kinetic energy specifically (such as "hydroelectricity") you've got a check out this very green bike that produces kinetic energy to help run the hybrid buses of London. This is only a prototype at this point, but WOW, très cool to say the least! The idea is one rents the bike, uses it, and any energy that is made when braking is stored for London's hybrid buses. Plus you get a credit towards your bus pass for the energy you helped create. How ecoAwesome is that?

In fact, also according to InHabitat (where I learned about the "Ingenious Energy-Generating Bike Rental System") London has already rolled out six of their Hybrid Double Decker Volvo Buses, and will roll out more if successful!
"London’s iconic double-decker buses recently received an eco update as six highly efficient hybrid Volvo vehicles hit the streets for the first time. The new B5L two-story buses retain their classic red color, but under the hood a hybrid drivetrain saves 25% on fuel consumption while significantly reducing emissions and noise. "

Needless to say London certainly appears dedicated to being in the forefront of sustainability. Kudos London!

That's my ecoInspiration for you today :) Here's to GREEN ENERGY =)

Thanks for asking your question, D'Angelo!



D'angelo said...

Hey ecojotter, I just want to say I received the buttons in the mail today! I'll send a picture of them by email since I can't post here. :) THanks again!! :) They are very cute. I've never really had many buttons.

D'angelo said...

OH GEEZE I can't believe I forgot to say!! The bike/bus idea is SOOO GREAT!!!! Thanks for finding it! :) I wish they had those here! Both bikes and buses are good. :) I hate seeing so many cars outside my home and every else, too.


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