Friday, July 17, 2009

A How to Friday Plus Green Dorms and Green-Lemonade

D'Angelo was kind enough to send me a "How To Make Paper Bangles..." via email Thank you D'Angelo :)

The paper pens and pencils look pretty straight forward, here's what you'll need to make the bangles...
Assorted Used Paper, such as
-old poems/snippets of stories, journals
-colourful flyers
-old wrapping paper
--other roughly 2-D material. Emily pressed a WEED ;D

Some HARD, Flexible paper
-maybe from packaging (cereal boxes)
-Your old, awe-inspiring poster paper
-Toilet Paper rolls

Liquid GLUE & Water. Just approximate a mixture; you don't need that much glue.

HOT GLUE GUN to glue ends of paper together, OR LIQUID GLUE and a CLOTHESPIN

A DISH to put that glue in, and a BRUSH/old Toothbrush/Finger to brush the glue on.

What you need to do:
1. Cut out a strip of the hard paper, proably about 4 cm wide, depending on how wide you want your bangle. Wrap it around your hand it see if it will slide off/fit nicely.
2. Now, if you have a glue gun, glue the TWO ENDS TOGETHER
3. Decorate the bangle with wet-glued pieces of paper. It looks more elegant if you cover the front and back, all areas.
4. Let dry.
5. If you don't have a glue gun, use liquid glue to glue to ends together, and clamp with clothespin to let dry.
6. Wear it!!

I agree with D'Angelo, "Handmade is way better than machine made!! :)"

Speaking of making things greener... Have you heard of "Teens Turning Green?" Ecojot is sponsoring them this fall as they kick off their Project Green Dorm initiative. More information to come soon, but in the meantime check out their website for some great ideas on how to become greener at any age really ;)

And finally speaking of green... How about some "Green-Lemonade?" I got a pleasant surprise this morning when I received an email from Rhaya, co-founder of letting me know that yours truly was featured as a "Friday Fave" today! How cool is that?
Well as I happen to actually be on a detox this week... It's been quite the week to say the least since I've never done one before. I am realizing that I do want to stick to eating healthier even after the detox is done (on Sunday... YAY!!!!) So I am so happy to have discovered Thank you Rhaya!

That's it for now... Happy Friday and Bon Weekend!



D'angelo said...

First of all, thanks for featuring the bangle (and the weird pens! :)
That is a really good link! (about teens turning green and green lemonade)
I don't know if this is a weird question, but is a detox's purpose to eat natural foods so that your body is "detox'ed"? I've never heard of that before. :)
Thanks for posting interesting and relevant info.

ecojotter said...

hi d'angelo... you are most welcome.

re: detox, you are exactly right. it's also frequently referred to as a "cleanse" or "bosy cleansing." i decided to do one along with my friends who live nearby, which is great because they can be quite time and energy consuming... plus it's great to have support since you end up craving all the good stuff... in my case carbs... particularly snackage like potato chips!

however, while the jury's still out if detoxes are actually good for you.. i am definitely feeling healthier ;D

have a great weekend!

D'angelo said...

Well, sorry to interrupt a hopefully good weekend, but do you know how "green" hydro electricity is? Where I live we use it, and it's supposed to be "greener".

Sami said...

Green lemonade?? Sounds great! I love these pens that you feature in this post. I made one and did it so that my favorite line of the poem was on the outside. It is always great to recycle! Remember, however, that glue has a lot of chemicals and toxins in it. I suggest trying out a green glue!


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