Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"It all comes back to you"

This is a funny ad by WWF reminding us to recycle...

It has been 36 days and the Toronto City-Wide Garbage Strike has finally come to an end. And I must admit, while it has smelled like garbage, I am happy to see that people haven't been littering that I've see anyway.

Now if only summer would arrive! July has been particularly rainy here in southern Ontario :,(

Happy Wednesday! Here's hoping the weather is nice and sunny wherever you are!



windy angels said...

cute video.
weather's not been that great here in Saskatchewan either - cool, cloudy and windy here again.

ecojotter said...

glad you liked it, windy angels :)
here's hoping you have sunnier days ahead! it's HOT and SUNNY here in toronto today!

Anonymous said...

The weather in tornto has been really crapy , last night there was like a 2 hour long thunderstorm ! but thus week its suppost be nice!!!!!!!!!


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