Thursday, July 16, 2009

Could you be "NO IMPACT?"

Have you heard about this movie? I like to breeze through Apple's Trailer page from time to time.... Yeah I don't know what it is but I heart trailers... !

Anyway, apparently this movie called "No Impact Man" is coming out on September 4th. It seems like an extreme eco-version of "Super Size Me" to me. And I must admit, as a "self-proclaimed environmentalist" myself, I am definitely drawn to this movie...

For those of you who don't live in Toronto, and haven't heard but Toronto is going into its fourth week of a Garbage Strike which means none of our garbage, recycling or green bin waste has been picked up for four weeks... It's getting a bit nuts. Especially since until our landlady arranges to pick up everything, my roommate and I are car-less and can't drop it off at a temporary dump. Thankfully she's arranging to pick it up this week, but certainly gets one thinking about how much impact makes in a month just from everyday consumptions.

When Colin Beavan "No Impact Man" mentions that the average American produces 1600 pounds of garbage a year, it really makes you stop and think.... I certainly try and do my part, but you gotta admit an attempt to make that completely zero pounds, not only sounds drastic but impossible... What do you think? Interested in seeing this movie?

Check out the trailer below and tell me what you think...



D'angelo said...

Thank you for posting this!! WOW!! Everyone tries to minimize their impact some way, but to go ALL THE WAY? I couldn't live without a toilet. So I'm assuming they gave away all their shampoo and glue (I could live without that stuff); what about their furniture? This isn't going to be on DVD, is it? That would be ironic-no waste man churns out waste by way of packaging, plastic of DVDs.
The garbge strike sounds horrible! What happens to all the trash? Just sitting on the curb? Could you take a picture?

D'angelo said...

Sorry, I have more to say. ;) Do you think this movie will make other people do the same? Well, maybe not DO, ATTEMPT. While I was looking for paint yesterday, I thought of how PRETTY all those colours were, the designed pallets on paper...Very pretty, yes, but how sustainable are those jobs? Designers hopefully in the future will have to have green and beautiful as their goal, not pretty.

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

wow! that looks so good!
i will definatley be seeing that! i'm excited now!
i don't think i could do that though it would be sooo hard! so good job to them for even attempting that!


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