Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A promise is a promise is a promise... Ecojot Flair Winners Announced!

And I promised to post the 7 lucky winners of the new Ecojot buttons today... With 11 minutes till midnight, I am determined to keep my promise.

Even took photographs of my girlfriend Amanda pulling out the 7 lucky names out of my straw hat since I wasn't in a state to vlog today. That's right am still fighting that mean cold/flu :(

However, I am totally spoiled by my girlfriends, especially when I am ill, and especially by one in particular... All I can say is...
Happiness is 2 lemons, a litre of freshly squeezed OJ, vitamin C powder, a big jar of chicken noodle soup, BioK and an afternoon of girly chat when you're home sick with a mean cold... Thank you for being you, Amanda :)
BUT I digress and am running out of time... 7 minutes left! YIKES! So without further ado (minus the photos, since it's almost midnight!) Here are the 7 lucky winners of Ecojot Flair...

the life of a teenage scrapbooker
rachellovespeace, and
aichaku !

CONGRATULATIONS! I will try and mail your buttons out early next week. If you can please send me pics of your flair on your chosen locales ;D

Okay 3 minutes till midnight and I'm ready for some NyQuil! Sorry for the late night post 0;)

Many thanks to all the entries... Many more giveaways / chances to win to come!



D'angelo said...

Oh! Really? :) Do you have my address? (Signing up, I wrote my address...somewhere)
:) I rather like that quote about "happiness".You sound like you're slightly better. I'm new to your blog, but I like your enthusiasm.
For ecojotting, you could try writing with Greenciles if you can find them/ :)

aichaku-愛着 said...

omg!!! i won!! yeah!!! :D thank you thank you. i definitely will be taking a photo of where it will reside. ^___^ (my email is ai.chaku@yahoo.com) haha. :D

Jenny said...

Where should we send our addresses?

ecojotter said...

hi D'angelo, aichaku and Jenny :)
(and other winners)

i was going to shoot you all an email this afternoon, but feel free to email me your addresses to: ecojotter at gmail dot com ;)

congratulations once again!


D'angelo said...

I have a question: so these will not be on sale in the near future?

knittingwoman said...

oh!!! I hadn't checked back here, I can't believe I won too!!! Off to send an e-mail right now.


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