Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Ecojot NASA and lots and lots of Flickr Photos to VOTE for!

That's right you read it right... Ecojot ecoCollaborated with none other than NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida for their May Recycling and Affirmative Procurement/Pollution Prevention Workshop."

Check out the photos below, along with the lovely message from Sam of NASA's Recycling and Affirmative Procurement Dynamac!

" Hi Mark,

I think your products are awesome! I wanted to follow-up with you regarding the May Recycling and Affirmative Procurement/Pollution Prevention Workshop held at Kennedy Space Center. The event was very well received by our 50 attendees and thanks to companies like yours, we had a wonderful selection of recycled content products. Our team is grateful that ecojot was able to provide samples for our event and appreciate you taking the time to send the products to us. I have attached some photos from the workshop and wanted to let you know that I haven’t gotten any questions regarding your products, but if I do, I will certainly send them your way.

Thanks again for your participation,
Speaking of photos... My Ecojotter Flickr Contest has received 39 entries and while we haven't yet picked a first place winner, we need your help picking a second place winner. So please visit: http://www.flickr.com/groups/ecojotter/pool/show/ and vote for your favourite with a comment of making one your fave :)

Plus be sure to tell your friends! Remember the person with the most comments and faves will receive $75 for him/herself plus $75 for his/her green cause of their choice! And note that you can still submit entries until August 3rd ;D

You will need to log on to Flickr to vote, but otherwise you're also welcome to post via commenting below... Simply copy the URL of the photo you love most and mention it my comments section :)

That's it for now... Happy Tuesday folks! Tomorrow I'll be mailing out buttons to all Ecojot Flair winners from Ecojot Headquarters!


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Johnny said...


Ecojotter birds of a feather flock together. It made me laugh. :)


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