Friday, January 22, 2010

A novel use for plastic bottles... A clothes hanger!

Discovered via my Uncle M, and, I bring you the very green, but unfortunately also very expensive... Rethink Hanger!

At 8 bucks a pop, it's definitely a tad on the costly side... However, I certainly do think it's a pretty ecoCool idea!

"Conceived by designer Xuan Yu, it's basically a hook with two holes that hold empty bottles. Once you've polished off a couple of Sprites, screw the bottles into the holes and you've got a deliciously convenient place to hang your shirt — without the awful flatness of a wire hanger."

What do you think? Would you use Rethink Hangers?

Well that's it for me this week.... I gotta say it's great to be back blogging again. Oh and keep those Ecojot Ecard January 2010 Giveaway entries coming! You've got nine more days to send ecojot ecards for a chance to win!

Bon weekend !


1 comment:

D'angelo said...

That is a good idea for a large closet :)
but I agree its way to expensive, use the built in cap and glue the caps together and a hook made from the hook that comes from a sock/scarf purchase etc. then screw on bottles. :)
but i guess they need to make money to promote it :S


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