Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Metal scraps turned cute "BRENDA - The Born to Be Bad Little Girl Robot."

The moment I saw these photos of BRENDA - The Born to Be Bad Little Girl Robot, I couldn't not blog about her! According to her etsy description, she's even got a story...
She was supposed to be a sweet and adorable, little robot
but something went terribly wrong...

She rolled off the assembly line on Halloween during a full moon.
Suddenly, a bolt of lightning shocked the factory...
this gal was destined to be trouble.
BRENDA - The Born To Be Bad Little Girl Robot
Designed by Will Wagenaar a.k.a. reclaim2fame, BRENDA measures 15" tall and 9.5" wide, is made of recycled parts and a bit of new hardware, including vintage clockworks and an antique key on her back.

Apparently the last photo (above) is BRENDA "giving Commander Cupcake a hard time."

"Is it really possible for a cute little robot to be evil? Just ask BRENDA."

Click here to check out 38 other items by reclaim2fame on etsy. I'm particularly drawn to "BEGGAR - A Remarkably Persuasive Robot" and "BINKY - A Robot for Baubles And Bangles" a.k.a. "a shiny new ride for your jewelry...." soooo cute!

While I can't personally afford any of Will's creations at the moment, I gotta say... ecoAWESOME! I am particularly impressed with his commitment "to create beautiful and fun new objects using at least 80% recycled materials. Most of [his] pieces are composed of much more than 80% reused material. [He has] been making art and objects from discarded items for over 15 years."

Happy Wednesday!


PS - Still enjoying reading all your entries into my special Ecojot Ecard January Giveaway :) Keep em' coming till the 31st!

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