Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Need or want a new scarf? But wanna be eco about it? Introducing Rekn.it!

First and foremost, I must admit I am loving reading all of your entries into my special Ecojot Ecard January Giveaway! Thank you for participating and sharing them with me :) Keep 'em coming!

Today I blog about Rekn.it an awesome opportunity to take an old sweater, and this month turn it into a new scarf! Here's how it works...

That's right someone's mom in Boston has started an ecoAwesome service where she will (for a small fee) recycle your old sweater into something new again... This month it's a scarf!

Next month it could be beanie (we call 'em toques here up in Canada), iPod case, cut-off gloves or socks. You can vote at www.rekn.it what next month's recycled knitwear item will be!

As the e-newsletter I discovered Rekn.it from put it, "Consider it a second chance for all the ugly, saggy, oversized knitwear in the world, particularly the lumpy cable-knit mock turtleneck sweater currently collecting dust in the bottom of your dresser."

Happy Tuesday!


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