Thursday, January 28, 2010

From clothes hangers to hangeliers!

What are hangeliers, you ask? Clothes hanger chandeliers of course! Having just blogged about how to make expensive clothes hangers out of plastic bottles, blogging about hangeliers next couldn't seem more appropriate! Thanks for the lead, Pat!

My only criticism is the designers at Organelle Design made the above hangeliers from off-the-shelf plastic and wood hangers rather than finding old, used ones. According to Inhabitat where they were featured last year, "clothes hangers are clogging our landfills at a rate of nearly 8 billion per year." That's a whole lot of hangers! They should have tried and used some of those 8 million!

My compliment is that other materials designers Alex Witko and Courtney Hunt used to make their eye catching hangeliers are salvaged repurposed found objects such as bike rims, chainrings, and zipties.

Even more inspiring was Organelle Design's BYO_ event as in "build your own ____!" event. Their slogan: "resist consumerism.... by reusing it's wasteful by-products!" Check out how it went here. Below is a shot of one of the event's results... a snazzy coffee table 100% made from salvaged repurposed found objects!


PS - 3 more days till my special ecojot ecard January giveaway ends, so keep sending those ecards for your chance to win ;D

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