Tuesday, February 9, 2010

February Giveaway: Giving is LOVE! As is sharing it :)

Is Valentine's Day really only 5 days away?

I must admit I've been a bit distracted by my recent apartment move, which I'm happy to report went smoothly by the way... Now I must just finish unpacking =/ But I shall stop whining 0;) and get back to Valentine's Day, giving, sharing and LOVE instead!

As you may or may not have noticed I have been excitedly trying to help promote ecojot's awesome new "Buy One, Give One" campaign. In fact, the new section titled "Our Give Campaign" on ecojot's website (that I designed) is now live!

So here's what I'm thinking for my February-Valentine's Day Giveaway... Help me spread the eco-giving love for a chance to win! It's such a fantastic new cause that helps a child in need simply by purchasing a jumbo journal, journal or sketchbook for yourself or someone you love! What's not to love about giving one for one?

So what do you say? I could really use your help spreading the word that ecojot isn't just about helping Mama Earth but directly advocating for children's arts and literacy in developing countries now too!

  1. Twitter about @ecojot's new give campaign, by including the following link in your tweet: http://ecojot.com/give_campaign.aspx
  2. Twitter about this contest by retweeting me @ecojotter ;)
  3. Spread the word via Facebook by posting http://ecojot.com/give_campaign.aspx on your wall.
  4. Spread the word on Tumblr, DIGG, LinkedIn you name it!
  5. Send a friend an ecojot ecard telling them about ecojot's new give campaign!
  6. Or even simply tell a friend about in person... After all there's nothing like real word of mouth, right?
  7. In fact, tell me what you think about the new campaign as a comment too!
Do any or all of the above, and each indivdual act of helping me spread the ecojot giving word = an entry! Just remember to post a new comment for each entry =)

By now you're wondering but what can I win?

Well I was thinking it only makes sense for you to have a chance to win 1 jumbo journal, 1 - 5x7" journal and 1 - 9x12" sketchbook, so that your win also means 3 notebooks (as shown below) for 3 children who otherwise can't afford school supplies!
So what are you waiting for? To sweeten the pot, winner gets to pick the design covers of his/her choice!

Thanks in advance for helping me spread the ecojot giving love! Can't wait to read your entries!


PS - Contest open to US and Canadian residents only, and to run until Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Good luck!


anna j said...

I will act on twitter :-) happy valentine's day!

the life of a teenage scrapbooker said...

Sounds Fantastic! Thanks for the chance to win!!
Megan P

D'angelo said...

GOod luck on adjusting to a new home. :) I've linked it on facebook. Thanks for the oppurtunity to win a sketchbook! ;)
Here is a link to a cool idea for a valentines day gift: its a heart shaped cookie cutter made from a yogurt container. Simply cut off the top, and bend it into a heart, leaving one end a bit longer so you can make notches to hold it together. :) great for getting cookies out of people or homemade love :)

Kathleen said...

I'll help spread the love via bookFace... I always promote the ecojot goodness when I'm out and about in the lovely East Coast.

Miss you!

Mommy said...

Yay! I've been waiting for your February giveaway and just sent the Rosettes card to my girlfriend (now vacationing in Mexico, dang her!) to tell her about the campaign. It's a great initiative -- very generous. (Well, it is if you sell a lot of sketchbooks and journals, ha ha).

in Ottawa, ON

Mommy said...

Hi again. I've also just retweeted to your tweet (my first retweet!) -- we're fromthelilypad (after my daughter, Lily)


remarker/fcffollower said...

I tweeted about the new campaign here http://twitter.com/fcffollower/status/8898878849

remarker/fcffollower said...

I retweeted your contest tweet (@fcffollower)

remarker/fcffollower said...

I posted about the campaign on my Facebook wall- (Susan Kramer)

remarker/fcffollower said...

I really like the new campaign, especially how you make sure the notebooks arrive safely to where they should go

curlyqmosaics@cox.net said...

Love ecojots designs! I will spread the word to all my artist & teacher friends! Thanks!

Rhaya said...

I just tweeted about this campaign - I love it and will tweet again after I buy some products :) @jacksonsky

Anonymous said...

Hi There! I wanted to wait til the scheduled post got published before leaving a comment - but you discovered it before I awoke! ;-)
I'll post this on my FB home & Fan page now, and tweet the contest throughout the weekend! Ecojot truly is inspirational!

Peggy said...

1 tweet

Peggy said...


Peggy said...

Posted to Facebook

K said...


Kim said...

I posted about it on Facebook - great idea for a campaign!

shtrqueen123 (at) yahoo (dot) com

Patty S. said...

What a great campaign! I just shared it on my Facebook page.

patty a. said...

I found two places near where I work that carry ecojot products so I am going to check them out! I think the campaign is great!

Cecilia Swatton said...

I'm delighted to discover this organization, helping the beautiful children orphaned in Cambodia. I was happy to send a greeting card so cheerfully decorated; I chose the one with the butterfly theme. Very pretty! Thanks for all you do!

Cecilia Swatton

yvonne said...

I sent an e card to my friend :)

yvonne said...

I think your campaign is a great idea. I will be sure to tell everyone I can

yvonne said...

Posting on my Facebook wall

Yvonne Logan

Bcteagirl said...

Such a great idea! Tweeted!

jill said...

Just posted on Facebook!! Love your notebooks so much!!

Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

fantastic concept!!!

i've retweeted about your contest

via candidreviewer

Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

linked to you in a blog post



Tina @ Squirrel Acorns said...

Just posted on facebook! What a great campaign. I need to buy a 9yo birthday gift, and I think an Ecojot sketchbook and art supplies might be just the ticket!

Lindsay said...

Love it! Posted on my Facebook page. Anything I can do to help spread the word.


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