Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Introducing the ecoPrinter of the future.

Introducing Prepeat, an inkless and tonerless rewritable printer! While Sanwa website's the Japanese to English translation may not be the best, the device itself is most definitely ecoInnovative! Plus I love their "Use example" graphics, as shown below:

But in all serious, this printer is literally inkless and tonerless... Instead it uses a "special-purpose thermal head." I'm guessing it's similar to many of the receipts we get at stores. You know the ones that usually fade into nothing?

Which has me wondering will the text/graphics fade of pages printed from the RP-3100? Perhaps since the printer only uses "special-purpose rewritable paper made of PET plastic" it won't fade. By the way, after a bit of googling, I learned PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate, a plastic resin and a form of polyester, and can typically be recycled (Yay!)

That's right, I said rewritable! As in "if the documents aren't needed any longer, they can be erased by inserting them into the printer. Then the sheets can be used again, as if by magic."

But didn't let me ruin the ecoFun and innovation by transcribing this great video demonstration:

By the way, the video mentions that the printer is priced at about 500,000 Yen. In case you're wondering that is equivalent to CAD$5,782.13! One PET paper sheet costs about 300 Yen. That's CAD$3.47 a pop. While it's pricey, I gotta say it excites me to see these type of ecoTechonological advances!

For now, I'll stick to my ecojot notebooks and occasionally using my big brother's printer when necessary ;)

Happy Wednesday!


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it's being organic and eco-friendly is the trend these days...i never thought printers would jam in in this eco-friendly mania...i have even heard of eco-frindly homes and cigars....

Baby said...

Wow.. is this for real. this is good. There have been cellphones develop that are eco friendly.

cs said...

This kind of printer i have ever seen, may be it is highly performed by technology, fast printable than other machine, i like it, keep it up


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