Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Homemade ecoLOVE

A special thanks to d'angelo for suggesting this Homemade ecoLove Valentine's Day gift idea for a yogurt container... A heart-shaped cookie cutter!
  1. Simply cut off the bottom.
  2. Bend it into a heart, leaving one end a bit longer so you can make notches to hold it together :)
As d'angelo points out, it's "great for getting cookies out of people or homemade love!"

I certainly think the "Green Police" would approve... Have you seen this Super Bowl commercial...

Pretty funny!


PS - Many thanks to those who've begun spreading the ecojot giving word and in turn entered my February Giveaway: Giving is LOVE! As is sharing it :) Contest runs till Tuesday, February 23, 2010. Please keep spreading the ecojot giving love!


Visible Voice said...

Hey there! I have three ecojot journals and I love LOVE them! But I need one that has blank sketching pages and I need to be able to order it online in Canada because I don't live near stores. Can you tell me where I can order them????

if so email me at myvisiblevoice at hotmail dot com.

Thanks a bunch. I use these for everything.

ecojotter said...

@Visible Voice - hi there! thank you so much for your wonderful comments. so happy to hear that you LOVE your ecojot journals. for you, i recommend the Island Blue Art Store: They are Canadian, ship and carry both our kraft-cover ecoSTUDIO series, and our ecoKIDS sketch line if you're looking for a sketchbook with a fun cover!

PLUS, now for every purchase of an ecojot journal or sketchbook we donate a notebook to a child need as part of our new "Buy One, We Give One" campaign!

will email this info to you too ;) all the best!

biertjuh58 said... Replied: Bubbling content. Loved reading it.

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