Wednesday, February 24, 2010

And my February Giveaway Winner is...

Lucky #28 ! Sarah-Paige Copeland a.k.a. the candidreviewer who helped spread the word that ecojot isn't just about helping Mama Earth but directly advocating for children's arts and literacy in developing countries now too via blog post... Thank you Sarah :)

And thank you to everyone who participated! I wish I could send you all prizes for taking part in my special Feb GIVING is LOVE giveaway... Was so touched on how you all help share the ecojot giving news... THANK YOU AGAIN!

For a bonus chance to win not just ecojot stationery, but adorable pink mitts, visit DesignerJots' blog before February 28th... Quick you've got three days!

And for something green and inspiring... The other day I received photos and testimonials from the organizers of the 5th Annual Teens Turning Green National Summit. ecojot proudly provided notebooks to all the attendees to jot down all the awesome green ideas being exchanged and discussed! After all it's all about working together and encouraging others to be green, right?

Lastly, I stumbled on this photo today, and like the shot of my nephew as a super cute cupid, I couldn't not share it... How cool is that?

Lots of random from me today ;) Thanks for visiting and taking part! Remember to enter DesignerJots' WIN MITTS + ECOJOT giveaway (only 3 days left!)



Sarah-Paige Copeland said...

*gasp**squeal* Thank you so much, I'm soooo excited that I Won (na na na) Haha, oh gracious winner that I am. I'll be sending you an email with my info right after this.


trampolines said...

it's so cool for you to giveaway "things"..hehe, i also checked out the ecojotter site...darn it so cool..i always have a thing for notebooks and stuff..

Anonymous said...

Are you from France? Because i really wanna go there... i know that u won't go on my blog and leave a comment but if you can, can you leave a comment on my blog?

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