Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rechargable, colourful and oh-so cute!

While I don't personally own anything that requires batteries... If I did, I'd totally pick myself up some Sanyo eneloop batteries. They're eco-friendly since they're rechargable, they're colourful... Not to mention there isn't a cuter way to check the state of your batteries!

Shaped like a dog, the eneloopy lets you know if your batteries require charging. "When you place your eneloop batteries into the device the dog's nose will light up: green for fully charged, orange for partially charged, red means your battery needs charging and no light means you have a dead battery on your hands."

Not sure if they're only available in Japan, but according to DVice eneloopy launches this weekend!

Random, but too eco-cute not to post ;)


1 comment:

D'angelo said...

Those are SOOO cute... :) just as fashionable as an ipod nano. ;)
rechargable rocks...I don't own anyhthing with a battery either.
I don't mean to put down the idea, but a sucky thing I learned in science class is that some rechargable batteries are made of nickel and cadmium...and that heavy metal can biomanify. :( so I hope these aren't!
and I don't understand why you need to know when to charge..when it runs out you need to charge. Or is it the charger? If so, that's REALLY cool. :)


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