Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ecoLeadership poetry

Introducing Parker of PEI, the ecoLEader poet...

If you want clean air,
Fresh water and green land,
You'll have to get in motion,
An eco-friendly plan.

You could change your yellow bulbs,
Into curly white lights,
Or you could plant new trees,
That will grow to amazing heights.

Stop putting up those smoke stacks,
That cause acid rain,
Those hurtful little water drops,
Do nothing but cause pain.

Sort your garbage daily,
Into green and black cans,
Or grab some friends and pick up,
Debris out of the sand.

Recycling, Ebert & Roeper say,
Gets two green thumbs up.
Try to use some of ming china,
Instead of styrofoam cups.

Turn off everything,
Before you go to bed.
Change to graphite pencils,
Instead of lethal lead.

All of this should be,
Vegan food for thought.
Stop paving paradise,
To put up a parking lot.
Now that's what I call ecoPoetry!


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