Thursday, December 3, 2009

3 new ecojot holiday eco-cards!

It's that time of year again... Holiday Card Season!

However, stress not, for I'm excited for you be the first to know that ecojot's got three new special holiday eco-cards... Literally just posted a few minutes ago!

Check 'em out here and enjoy putting a smile on a special someone's face with DesignerJots' adorably festive designs and your personalized holiday cheer!

Here's spreading the ecojot eco-holiday love ;)



D'angelo said...

Very festive cards!! I've always loved making cards, from whatever i could find because I couldn't buy stuff. ;) and holidays are best for it. :)
I just wanted to share this with you...I proposed to the computer-lab-classes teachers about saving up misprinted paper in a cardboard box for others to use to take notes etc. ;) I was really surprised to hear that one was already trying to do that,while another was even encouraging the making of notebook from the paper as well as envelopes!! They were both ideas I
'd thought I'd present as something new. It's all in people's hearts it seems it just needs to be promoted more. :)

ecojotter said...

@D'angelo: so true! kudos on your unfading dedication to promoting ecoConsciousness!


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