Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over 6000 post-its equals one VERY COOL stop-motion video

A promise is a promise, and while it isn't exactly ecoCOOL, this is still VERY COOL...

Check out what over 3 months of planning plus 4 months of shooting of stop-motion photography plus 6000 post-its plus and a whole lot creativity and imagination equals.

Très cool, huh? I most definitely can relate to all of the above during a deadline... Hehe 0;) The making is just as worth checking out...

Here's just hoping that they were sure to recycle all 6000+ post-its!

While I do use post-its from time to time myself, I try to use scrap-paper first and foremost... In fact, for this post I decided to do a bit of research and unfortunately unlike always-100%-recycled Ecojot paper goods, 3M post-it products are not a recycled, in fact their recycled line is only 30% recycled =(

Hopefully one day 3M will go completely green, and go 100% recycled with all their paper products! After all, who isn't fond of colourful post-its? One can always hope, right?

In the meantime, there'll always be scrap-paper, a bit of tape and/or bulletin boards... And of course ECOJOT ;D

Once again... Happy Canada Day and Happy Upcoming 4th of July too!

Till next week... Please don't forget about my two current giveaways:


Monday, June 29, 2009

The Reverse Graffiti

Just absolutely ecoBeautiful.

My roomie and I always do our best to use eco-friendly cleaning products, but this brings ecoCleaning to whole other ecoBeautifully thought level...

A special thanks to my brother G for passing along to me :) And kudos to GreenWorks for powering. More corporation should support such ecoCool initiatives!

Should I come across another equally ecoCool thing to blog about, I shall try and squeeze another post in tomorrow before I'm off to Gatineau, Quebec region to spend quality time with family, friends 'n Mama Nature =)

However just in case I don't blog till I get back... Advanced Happy Canada Day to all... Canadian and Non-Canadian ;) And Advanced Happy 4th of July to all... Americans and Non-Americans ;)


PS - Don't forget my Ecojot Button Contest will run till I return from cottaging. I'll be picking 7 lucky winners on Monday, July 6th!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Want some Ecojot Flair? Comment 'n WIN!

Inspired by the Facebook app "Pieces of Flair" and by a birthday party I attended not too long ago where they had a table to make your own buttons... I successfully managed to convince Ecojot to make their very own little buttons! Yet not to sell, but to giveaway...! To fellow Ecojot fans of course! Especially at the various events we get invited to ;)

So when I arrived at Ecojot Headquarters this morning, I was super excited to discover that all six lovely designs by DesignerJots Carolyn Gavin were delivered the other day...

A little smaller than I'd originally thought they'd be (but that's okay because this is just the first batch!) THEY STILL LOOK OH SO COLOURFULLY DELICIOUS... In fact, I just had to FLAIR up the new backpack I got for my birthday on the spot!

What do you think?

If you're as fond of the new lil' Ecojot buttons as I am... I would love to send you a couple of them to flair up your backpack, purse, jacket, hat, etc. ! And so as a special giveaway... I will mail a couple buttons to 7 lucky commentators. Simply share where you think you'd place your Ecojot flair, to show off your Ecojot love and love for Mother Earth ;)

I will be cottaging in the Ottawa, Ontario - Gatineau, Quebec region for Canada Day super long Weekend (July 1st to 5th), spending some quality time with family, friends 'n Mama Nature... Therefore, I may only be getting in one more blog entry before the 6th...

Either way I shall pick all 7 winners then (Monday, July 6th) via vlog (randomly from my straw hat)! So be sure to remember to include some form of contact information and comment before the 6th.... Good luck! Bonne chance et bon weekend!

Can't wait to read your comments!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Thank you for the music."

As my cousin Giselle said... "All controversy aside, there's no denying we've been blessed by his extraordinary artistry. He has touched all our lives with his wonderful music. RIP, King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Thank you for the music."

It's been a very sad day in pop icon history.... Farewell Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson... Rest in peace.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The House that TWEETS !

That's right "The House that TWEETS!"

This little BBC clip was forwarded to me yesterday by a scientist... Dr. Gregor Reid, one of the world's premier probiotics researchers. It just so happens, that he is as fond of the amazing applications and possibilities of Twitter as I am!

Check it out...

I am particularly fond of the idea of the ecoTechnology benefits of a House that tweets such as being able to track energy usage! What do you think?

Now if only I could get as Twitter-savvy as that cottage, I'd be all set ;)

Happy Mid-Week Day!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"How to draw a woman from the inside out."

Yes, you read the headline correctly... "How to draw a woman from the inside out. " I too had to do a double read when I found an email with the same subject title in my inbox a little while ago. However, when I noticed the sender was my Uncle M, I just knew it would be great forward of some kind! As I may have mentioned previous... I usually detest forwards, but my Uncle M always sends the best ones a.k.a. never-chain-letter like ;D Thanks Uncle M!

I wish I could embed the video itself somehow, but I guess since it's a Flash video, the best I can do is provide a preview and attach the link. So click on the image above and hit play... I recommend watching at times 16 speed!

What's the best forward you've ever received via email? While "How to draw a woman from the inside out" isn't necessarily the best, it's among my top faves... I only wish I could provide more info on the source, but alas I couldn't find any...

Bon Mardi / Troisième Jour d'été ! Happy Tuesday / 3rd official day of Summer!


Monday, June 22, 2009

Keep snapping! You could win some green, share some green, and even maybe ride green!

So while I clearly can't promise to blog every day, and unfortunately it would seem not even every week... I can promise I'm all about quality posts regardless of quantity 0;)

First and foremost, here's hoping all the ecoWonderful dads had a fantastic Father's Day! My ecoCool dad was kind enough to share his day with me ;) He's all the way in the Philippines and so at around midnight I skyped him to greet him, and in turn he skyped me yesterday morning to greet me Happy Birthday!

Although my family is all the way on the other side of the globe, I must say I love that they're just a mere video-call away... I don't believe I was actually born on Father's day, but I do know that every few years we get to share the day even if it's from afar :)

How did you celebrate the weekend? For it was not only Father's Day and my birthday (or as my big brother likes to call it... The day he stopped being an only child =p) but also Summer Solstice, the first official day of summer and longest day(light) of the year! So... Happy Happy Second Official Day of Summer!

Here in Toronto it was all right Friday, absolutely grey, sad and wet Saturday, but come Sunday the sun was shining and it got as hot as it promised at 27 degrees Celsius. Here's hoping wherever you were, it was as gorgeous! Definitely best dad day/birthday weather ever in my books! Sunny, hot but not sweltering 8)

And now for a few quick announcements... Have you seen the Ecojot Flickr Photo Contest entries? If not, here's a sneak peek...

The exciting news? My contest has been extended to Monday, August 3rd. So keep snapping up pics, start commenting and faving and also remember to tell your friends to do the same. Remember the photo with the most comments and starred favourites wins an Ecojot prize-pack!

Speaking of photo contests.... Want to win the ultimate ecoVehicle? Check out Inhabitat's PIMP MY ECO-RIDE CONTEST. They too have extended their contest, but only until this Wednesday, June 24th!

That's it for now... Good luck on the contests!

Loving the entries in both mine and Inhabitat's thus far... So keep 'em coming!


Friday, June 12, 2009

Win Carolyn's Pins + Childrens' Drawings Come to Life...

So being the occasional 0;) Miss Perfectionist that I am, I am frequently ridden with guilt when I don't get a proper post in on a regular, daily basis 0:,( As has clearly happened this week...

Yet a many of you still come and visit my blog anyway, and I can't thank you enough for your presence. But just for good measure... THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Therefore perhaps just as you have accepted me as I am... The consistently irregular ecoLoving blogger, I need to too ;D

While I still have dreams of going 100% Freelance (you know... not needing that dreaded day job and all), until that day arrives and I'll just continue blogging as often as I can 0;D

All right 'nough rambling... Two blog worthy things...

One... DesignerJots Carolyn Gavin's holding a Contest until Monday!!! Win a pin or rather a set and some mini ecojot notebooks... All you have to do is leave her a comment where you've see Ecojot and why you'd like to win here. Good luck!

Two... My interior designer friend Susan sent this to my inbox with the subject "I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this," and once you visit this link you'll know why, because I too "LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this!" Below are a few sneak peaks from the feature of Yeondoo Jung's Wonderland...

Thank you again Susan for the forward. These are the only type of forwards I love, and I love that you know that ;) Aren't they fantastic, folks?

The concept of Yeondoo Jung's Wonderland reminds of how Lily is Carolyn Gavin's young daughter is her muse and many of Carolyn's whimsical designs are inspired by Lily's sketches!

Speaking of which, I hear it's Lily's birthday this weekend... Bon Bon Bon Anniversaire Lily! Happy Happy Happy Birthday!

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Push, push, pushing, towards one's passions and dreams...

Good morning :)

Must keep this relatively short because I must run to my day job at the community college. Oh the joys of scheduling ones luvs (in my case for example, ecojotter blogging) with ones necessities (work that feels like work but pays the bills).

But it's all about drive, right...? Pushing towards one's passions and dreams through any means necessary.

That's why I think DesignerJots Carolyn Gavin is such an inspiration. I have had the pleasure of knowing her for nearly five years now. And while I have a Did you know... ecojot Designer Carolyn Gavin... card made up, I don't have time to post it this morning. However, I will share the tidbits on said card:

And I happen to bring all her wonderful accomplishments up because one of the first things I happened to do this morning was visit Carolyn's blog... Resulting in my excitement upon discovering Carolyn has designed a book cover!

From Ecojot covers to über-cool packaging tape, gift-tags and matchbooks, scrapbooking materials, fabrics, and now book covers, it's all very very exciting! Her design success is so very well-deserved after so many years of just pushing pushing pushing to get more design recognition! Her growing success reminds me to just continue to push push push towards my own passions... Kudos Carolyn! Congrats on the book cover design... Keep up the amazing design work!

Finally, before I dash off to make it to my day job... I found it sort of auspicious that the very YouTube video I was going to share today was of the same subject of the book Delivering Hope, How to Make A Baby... (hehe, sort of...)

Gotta run.... Bon Mardi! Happy Tuesday! Here's to Pushing towards one's passions and dreams!


Monday, June 8, 2009

"Watch the seedlings grow..."

Off to bed after a busier eventfully unexpected weekend of sorts...  Was going to save blogging till tomorrow, but then came across Jess Chalker's newest YouTube upload titled "North Arrow," that I just had to share...

Besides, I figured it's technically already tomorrow 0;) and knowing me... I may not get blogging again till late afternoon or early Tuesday morning.

So here's hoping you all had a fabulous weekend, whether an unexpected busily eventful one or a super calm chill relaxing one ;)  And that you enjoy this new little song by Jess as much as I did!

Happy Monday and Week!
Bon Lundi et Bonne Semaine!


Friday, June 5, 2009

My Photo Contest Clarified, plus Ecojot at WholeFoods Oakville...

So the other day DesignerJots kindly promoted my Flickr Photo Contest, only thing is I'm realizing that perhaps the rules aren't too clear...

So just a little recap of the steps for a chance to win some green ($75 for you!) and spread some green (another $75 to your favourite environmental cause)...

If you are not currently already a member of Flickr, you will need to create an account at Flickr.com (It's easy and free).

1. Take as many photographs as you like displaying your favourite Ecojot.

2. Visit the ecojotter Flickr Group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1086516@N20/ And join the group.

3. Add all your photograph entries to the group.

4. Tell your friends to comment + vote for you, because the photograph with the most starred favs and comments wins too!

ALTERNATIVELY: If you're still having trouble with the Flickr Group and would prefer to submit your photographs to the me directly. Feel free to email them to: ecojotter at gmail dot com

Originally I was going to hold the contest until my birthday, the summer solstice, June 21st... But I may extend it in to July to encourage more entries. So far 2 really great ones! So please keep 'em coming.

It's GORGEOUS OUT here in Toronto. Here's hoping it's beautiful out wherever you find yourselves too!



PS- A special call out to all Ecojot lovers in and around Oakville, Ontario: Turns out Ecojot has been invited to an Environmental Fair at Whole Foods, located at 301 Cornwall Rd. I'll be there representing Ecojot with a special prize-pack valued at $80, so if can, come by, say hello and enter the raffle for yet another great chance to win! I'll be there from 10am to 1pm... Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

58 amazing whirlwind hours in LA

In spite of the the un-welcomed fog, LA was indeed AMAZING!

I created this slideshow that I originally titled "58 amazing whirlwind hours in *glamorous* LA" but I wasn't allowed to use the song Glamorous by the Constance Billard A Capella Choir (that's right the Gossip Girl version not the Fergie version) due to copyright restrictions =( Booooo! Oh well, it was still a fabulously amazing weekend ; )

A special congratulatory shout-again to my cousin Giselle and the rest of VuQo team for hosting such a fantastic launch party!

I just realized that I have just admitted to being a Gossip Girl fan... What can I say?  It's a guilty pleasure 0;)  Out of curiosity, what are your tv guilty pleasures?  Care to share?

And before I sign off, just a quick friendly reminder about my Flickr Photo Contest going on until June 21st.  So far 18 members and 2 entries, keep 'em coming folks!  Remember you can win some green and spread green simply by taking a bunch of Ecojot-inspired photographs!

Full details and info, here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1086516@N20/



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